December Birthstone Zircon

December Birthstone Zircon – The name of the stone comes from the Persian word «zargun» – gold color. Colors of stone are different: yellow, brown, red, orange, blue, colorless and even black. December Birthstone Zircon is so diverse that it is often confused with other precious stones. Transparent zircons for sophistication shine compete with diamonds.

Contrary to popular belief, this mineral is the natural origin, synthetic analogues do not exist. Diamond simulant – phianites – its structure is not similar to the zircons, so you can not draw parallels.

Some people believe that the December Birthstone zircon is so unsophisticated that you can compare it with a simple colored glass. However, this stone is found in ancient times, when the technology did not have time to step widely.

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December Birthstone Zircon – stone, which at first glance everybody knows, because it is found in jewelry at a rapid pace. Thanks to a wide range of colors (zircons are colorless, and green, and red, and golden yellow, and blue, and even black) and the ability to change color from brown to blue, yellow or transparent when heated, zircon very often serves as a companion other precious stones, and is used as an imitation of the more expensive gems such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

There was even a misconception that December Birthstone zircon is not a gem, and cultured crystals, almost a piece of colored glass, while actually zircons known to mankind since ancient times, and the probability of finding artificial zircon is extremely low – this mineral is widely distributed.

In those days, the stones were brought from Ceylon – there is still extracted zircons of the highest quality, especially prized blue minerals, which are extremely rare.

Until IV century AD, this stone was little known, but then Bishop Epiphanius, decided that such a beautiful gem is worthy of attention, and called his twelve stones of the breastplate of the high priest in the Bible, replacing them ligurion (carnelian or amber).

The most famous variety of December Birthstone zircon – hyacinth, what word designated all red-brown or yellow- red and purple- orange December Birthstone zircon, blue December Birthstone zircon called starlitami, colorless – Mathur, diamonds, lemon yellow and smoky – jargons.

December Birthstone Zircon, generally, unique gem, because different color stones have a wide scatter of values of density and refractive, its external and internal quality, richness of coloring he deserves to occupy one of the highest places in the hierarchy of gems.


December Birthstone Zircon

December Birthstone Zircon – zirconium silicate.

Mohs hardness: from 7.0 to 8.0;

The density: from 3,9 to 4,7 g/cm³, glitter diamond.

Other names: Hyacinth, Yakinta, steel, hyacinth, jargon, Ceylon jargon.


December Birthstone Zircon is mined in Australia, Brazil, Russia, Norway, Sri Lanka, Madagascar.


EnergeticallyDecember Birthstone  zircon associated with parietal chakra and solar plexus chakra Manipur.

To Aquarians it is necessary to wear are golden, colorless or blue December Birthstone as a pendant , pendants, necklaces and beads – it helps them to develop intuition, analytical thinking and prudence in business.

Aries, whose red-brown, gold and orange December Birthstone makes more subtle and sensitive, ring with zircon should be worn on the middle finger of his left hand.

All other signs of the zodiac, besides Pisces, it is necessary to wear pendants or rings with zircons, which is put on the little finger or ring finger.

To Capricorn is more suited blue and brown gemstones.


Multi colors of December Birthstone are red, orange, yellow, brown. If transparent mineral heat-treated, it becomes bright turquoise «starlit». Considering December Birthstone, you can be sure that the play of light in it is very similar to a diamond. Stones browns anciently called «jargon».

December Birthstone Zircon – stone, easily rivaling many gems. Pale excellent mimic diamonds. A color stones of green grass and blue-green so bright that other minerals difficult to compete with them in the unusual.

Vivid red zircons look luxurious. Catchy yellow- golden hue not found in other gems.


In ancient times believed that December Birthstone in the literal sense of the word is a panacea.

It is able to clean the whole body of toxins, stimulates the liver, has a positive effect on the pineal and pituitary glands, rejuvenates the body and prevents premature aging cures thyroid problems.

Yellow December Birthstones help with constipation, decreased gastric secretion, protect against nightmares, improve appetite and quench your thirst.

Hyacinths treat insomnia, nervous disorders and stress, useful in diseases of the spleen, stop nosebleeds, women hinder the growth of hair on the hidden parts of the body and unwanted conception.

The same effect has red zirconia when putting it into the abdomen of 2-3 hours a day for 10 days.

Blue December Birthstone is used in the treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders, problems with vision.

Black December Birthstones help with colds, pneumonia, tonsillitis, bronchitis and other lung diseases caused by hypothermia.

Pale and yellow December Birthstones easier for coronary heart disease.


The Properties of December Birthstone are shrouded by mystical haze. In Europe, has long believed that wearing zircon, for example, will be saved from a lightning strike, or that if worn with a large zircon, you’ll be all set for the night time.

In the Middle Ages, December Birthstone zircon was one of the essential components of medicinal potions, which still called «Hyacinth compositions» – that medicine is a mixture of different precious stones were treated in 1534, Pope Clement VII.

In India, December Birthstone called «the younger brother of the diamond», it was revered practitioners of yoga. It was believed that it is the natural hub of bioenergy and awakens bears his supernatural powers.

In Russia December Birthstone found another, no less important subsistence – it was the most basic merchant mascot promoting the accumulation of wealth.

Today, December Birthstone zircon – a favorite material for the jeweler, he made all sorts of jewelry for women and men, is a great inexpensive gift that is for external quality, durability and density is not inferior to the most famous gems, as to distinguished December Birthstone zircon from gemstone first category, is only capable of eye professional.

December Birthstone Zircon, generally, has a pronounced male Yang energy – more often it shows the stronger sex , makes women confident and independent, it is perfectly suited for business-woman who used to rely only on ourselves – it will give her credibility in the eyes male counterparts.

Jewelry with December Birthstones – extraordinary strength cash charms, especially if they speak for good luck. This is the perfect companion for businessmen – ring with zircon yellow, red, green, brown or orange it is necessary to carry in the transaction, not to take the wrong decision and carry out the operation with maximum benefit for themselves.

Sometimes, December Birthstone zircon even called «stone of mafia» – it is useful for any secret organizations, it helps the owner to withhold information from others, is its owner, regardless of his moral qualities.

At the same time, helping to reveal everything about a particular situation, December Birthstone zircon is the mascot for judges, prosecutors, and forensic detectives, all of whose work involves exposing frauds.

Colorless December Birthstone zircon is used for internal disclosure abilities, develops intuition until clairvoyance and clairaudience, clarifies thoughts and gives a penchant for science – is assistant scientists and researchers, the Theosophical philosophers.

In the journey or at the approach of danger to protect red or orange December Birthstone zircon.

Blue Stone also helps in matters of the heart – gives confidence, increases the attractiveness of treats for unrequited love, and if you need to enhance sexual performance, then you need wear orange December Birthstone zircon.

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