December Birthstone Tanzanite

ecember Birthstone – December Birthstone Tanzanite an «African sapphire» – a relatively new stone in the jewelry market. But despite this, it was already well known and very popular all over the world.

December Birthstone Tanzanite jewelry a very highly sought after and are an indicator of wealth and good taste.

December Birthstone Tanzanite, differing amazing beauty at the same time extremely fragile – it has perfect cleavage and requires the greatest solicitude when cut and no tie. One incorrectly calculated effort – and crumble gem pile of debris.

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Africa – the most ancient and mysterious continent that has not yet discovered all of their secrets.

Nowhere in the jungle are not adjacent to the snow capped mountains, the dry savannah – with nesting penguins, wild rivers – the dead deserts …

Semi-precious wealth of Africa seems endless – Kimberley diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are welcome in the most famous jewelry shops around the world.

And it has from here come into the world a new and surprisingly beautiful gem – «African Diamond» December Birthstone Tanzanite.


December Birthstone Tanzanite

December Birthstone Tanzanite. Credits to First Last @ Flickr

The discovery of December Birthstone was as random and spontaneous, like a tropical downpour – in 1967, the shepherds found the Masai tribe in Africa at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania burnt clearing – the fire, along with grass and trees ate the top layer of soil, exposing transparent stones violet-purple color.

One of the warriors of the tribe brought a December Birthstone weighing 10 carats (2 kg) in the office of Manuel De Douša responsible for supplying rubies.

The first discovery of December Birthstone in general took over a piece of glass, then considered a sapphire … However, after careful examination of experts agreed on what they see in front of a brand new gem variety of Zoisite – another African gem, little used in jewelry.

Famous American jeweler Tiffany & Co quickly became interested in the «Blue Zoisite» – that is where the December Birthstone gets its name, derived from a single field in the world, situated on a plateau Merelani in northern Tanzania.

The first collection of Tiffany appeared in the 70’s of the last century – the emergence of a new December Birthstone which coincided with the arisen fashion for ethnic African.

For a long time, December Birthstone Tanzanite has remained relatively inexpensive substitute for blue sapphires, however, gradually rising price on it – December Birthstone was promoted by a competent trade policy aimed at underlining the rarity of the gem , the formation deficit jewelry with «African sapphire».

Thus, the demand began to exceed supply, and at the moment the price of December Birthstone Tanzanite caught up with real sapphires, with growth rates are huge – up to 25 % per year, while the stone is in the top five best-selling gems in the world.

The largest December Birthstone was discovered in 2005 – his weight was 16 839 carats , or more than 3 kg. Stone was named Mawenzi as the second highest peak of Kilimanjaro. Its cost still not appreciated.


December Birthstone Tanzanite – Another name for the mineral – blue Zoisite. Blue and purple colors are due to impurity ions of chromium and vanadium. Crystals – transparent. Gloss – glass.

Mohs Hardness: from 6.5 to 7.0

The Density: from 3.1 to 3.5 g/cm3, perfect cleavage.


December Birthstone Tanzanite birthplace is considered to be the of East Africa. In 1967, near Mount Kilimanjaro Ali Dzhuyavati of the local tribe was first discovered December Birthstone.

Since then, December Birthstone has been recognized as the embodiment of a mysterious and attractive in Africa, has a rare beauty and extreme exclusivity.

In fact, the rarity of December Birthstone Tanzanite – not a marketing ploy, because the small Tanzanian counterparts deposit have been identified, and existing reserves are gradually being depleted.

December Birthstone makes collectors and connoisseurs of jewelry around the world seek to acquire the stone, which will soon become a rarity.


December Birthstone recommended most people watermarks and Aries. Latest will get from composure and chastity the Tanzanite.


December Birthstone Color can’t be described in one word, because this gem has an «alexandrite» effect – changes color depending on the angle of view, being in fact the tricolor.

The bright blue cloudless sky, lilac purple southern nights , brown- yellow savannah, bright green palm leaf greens, golden sun – Africa itself is reflected in the faces of this amazing mineral.

Blue and purple are the main hues only those stones that are found on the surface of the earth – this kind of «tan» December Birthstone Tanzanite acquires, roasting in the scorching rays of the equatorial sun.

However, the December Birthstones mined in the traditional way, initially have a brown or green shades , so most Tanzanite is subjected to heat treatment.

December Birthstone Tanzanite – the soul of Africa, only when heated to 600 º C mineral that gets the hottest blue- purple with purple glow of color.

The most expensive royal December Birthstone, which in daylight 80 % of the primary color is a deep blue color, the remaining 20 % is purple.

Under artificial light an electric lamp December Birthstone Tanzanite looks different – streaked red-purple color.


Medicinal properties of December Birthstone are not fully known, but found a lot of useful to human qualities. Stone is indispensable for those whose work is related to the load on the eye – it strengthens the vision and relieves nervous tension, especially useful while peering intently into a mineral – a stone like a pull fatigue.

It is believed that December Birthstone helps get rid of colds , reduces fever and fever. In some countries it is used to treat skin diseases – the product of December Birthstone improves the complexion, relieve acne and teen acne. Assume that Tanzania suitable for treating diseases of the spine. Tanzanite energy associated with the frontal chakra.


The tricolor glitter of December Birthstone Tanzanite symbolically reflected in the spheres of influence of the stone. December Birthstone Tanzanite – a symbol of love and luxury. In America and Europe, it is considered a universal talisman, attracting both two of the most popular and desirable things – material wealth and happy family life.

Success in business matters brought brooches and pendants with Tanzanite ring helps business successfully sell goods.

Women with a December Birthstone Tanzanite ring will help to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and earrings will enhance sensuality, charm and strengthen women’s sexuality.


Tanzanite – talisman for couples, it is recommended to present at the 24th anniversary of the wedding as a happy sign of the unbreakable union. At the same time December Birthstone Tanzanite is a third party – it enhances spirituality, stabilizes the aura that evokes clairvoyant abilities and helps in understanding the mysteries of Being.


Tanzanite jewelry, especially prized because of stocks of this stone is left on Earth for more than ten years. It is this reason makes the collectors all over the world to buy December Birthstone, which soon will be a unique and rare.

It is not inferior to the cost of many gems, including the luxurious diamond. After all, it combines extraordinary color palette and the highest geological indicators.

Excellent quality, amazing features and unique December Birthstone Tanzanite are the reasons for which the most discriminating buyers choose this gem.

In addition, December Birthstone Tanzanite jewelry fashion meets the last years: fashion houses today are in search of non-traditional materials and colors. Earrings, pendant, brooch, ring from December Birthstone Tanzanite are signs of high style, luxury and charm attached to its owner.

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