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Jewelry made of precious stones have always adorned their owners, whether man, woman, husband, wife, son, daughter, mom, dad, or grandparent, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Birthstone Jewelry will emphasize individuality of its owner and show it to as connoisseurs of fashion jewelry in the other’s eyes.

There is a huge variety of jewelry from the birthstones such as rings , pendants , earrings, necklaces and so on. Birthstones Online will help realize your choice of birthstone jewelry by providing interesting information about the origin of jewelry for every birthstone.

Birthstones Online is not an on-line store, but rather is an information resource, providing information about the birthstones, its healing and mystical properties, origin, stories, legends, and so on.

Here you can learn the history of the origin of the Birthstone Jewelry for each month.


January Birthstone Jewelry: Garnet Ring. Credits to Paul the jewelry artist @ Flickr

January Birthstone Jewelry: Garnet used in the manufacture of various jewelry during the time of the Scythians. Name of a stone because of its resemblance to the color of the color of fruit pomegranate seeds derived from the Latin word «granatus».

Garnet was also known in ancient Persia. In this country, the pomegranate is considered «royal stone». Vintage wizard picked up the largest specimens of rocks and carved on its surface images rulers.

Garnet always highly prized as a stone for making jewelry. This assessment has steadily increase, making the garnet and its variants have surpassed all recognized by jewelers value minerals such as opal and alexandrite, at the beginning of the XX century.


February Birthstone Jewelry: Amethyst Ring. Credits to Paul the jewelry artist @ Flickr

February Birthstone Jewelry: In China, of light amethyst cut bottles and small boxes. In ancient Greece and Rome were cut amethyst gems, seals and small parts.

In the Middle Ages amethyst highly prized in the East and in Europe, where it is considered preferable for jewelry items and clothing ecclesiastical priests.

When ordained to the rank of cardinal devoted were handed ring with amethyst, why in the Catholic countriesof stone called episcopal, pastoral, and the Bishops in Russia.


March Birthstone Jewelry: Aquamarine Ring. Credits to fotomormor @ Flickr

March Birthstone Jewelry: Azure color in combination with a fresh touch of aqua gives jewelry a special glamor and elegance.

In the ancient world, aquamarine, as well as from other varieties of beryl, used to cut lenses for those who can’t see, of course, made jewelry and inlays of this stone.

Aquamarine today – almost one of the most popular gemstones that are actively used not only in the inserts in different jewelry – earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, etc. – but also to create an exclusive sculptures.


April Birthstone Jewelry: Diamond Ring

April Birthstone Jewelry: Diamond Ring. Credits to Alissa S. @ Flickr

April Birthstone Jewelry: Diamond jewelry – the standard of prestige, luxury and well-being. Diamond jewelry made of gold is extremely highly valued not only because of the high cost of materials, but also the fact that often are true works of jewelry.

Talented hands of masters, combining two great jewelry: diamonds and gold, create rare instances, to serve and beautiful decorations and be exposed in the famous national treasuries.

History of Diamonds already more than a thousand years. Brilliants – it diamonds, polished artificial means to determine their maximum brightness.

Diamond has a unique ability: inside the stone passage occurs repeatedly and double refraction of light, which gives it an incredible sparkling shine and makes rainbow colors play.


May Birthstone Jewelry: Bracelet with Emeralds & Diamonds. Credits to gemteck1 @ Flickr

May Birthstone Jewelry: In ancient times, emeralds highly valued rulers of India. It is believed, that the builder of the Taj Mahal, the famous Sultan Shah Yahan wore emeralds as a mascot, they were depicted scriptures.

In ancient Egyptian, emerald jewelry also enjoyed great popularity. And a huge number of people want to jewelry with emeralds after their death put in their tomb.

In the old times, emerald considered powerful tool to help in the treatment of, as well as protecting against snakebites and animals.


June Birthstone Jewelry: Necklace of pearls. Credits to Mauro Cateb @ Flickr

June Birthstone Jewelry: Perhaps not everyone knows that pearls – the first known people of jewelry . For tens of millennia BC prehistoric man in search of food accidentally found on the coast of something beautiful hidden inside the shell.

Jewelry made of pearls emphasize the high social status of their owners, standing out against the background of other decorations. The most common jewelry – beads, necklaces, necklaces.

Often this material is used in jewelry and other types. For example, the rings and earrings. Put in silver and gold earrings, it will look great and will undoubtedly attract to itself many admiring glances.


July Birthstone Jewelry: Ruby earrings. Credits to GlitzUK @ Flickr

July Birthstone Jewelry: For millennia, the ruby  is considered one of the most valuable and most expensive gemstones. In the Indian tribes called him «the leader of gems», but for the color saturation was considered dragon’s blood, blessed with magical powers.

In the Indian representations jewelry with rubies is recommended to wear after stroke, blood diseases, insomnia, diseases of the joints and spine.


August Birthstone Jewelry: Peridot Ring. Credits to Paul the jewelry artist @ Flickr

August Birthstone Jewelry: Chrysolites in jewelry often called «olivine» or «peridot».

Historically, the most famous deposits of peridot are in Egypt Zebirget island in the Red Sea.

The history of their development of more than 3500 years. Peridot is mined along with other precious stones in Burma and Brazil.


September Birthstone Jewelry: Sapphire Ring. Credits to Paul the jewelry artist @ Flickr

September Birthstone Jewelry: There is nothing that can elevate a woman’s beauty, make her chaste and regal and majestic as jewelry with sapphires.

This is not surprising, since ancient times it is known that the royal stone – sapphire power over everything, it was believed that this great jewel piercing blue and bright glare has incredible heavenly power.

Earlier, people claimed that the sky – it’s a huge giant sapphire gem and associated cerulean with the divine and sacred miracle guardian of chastity, purity and eternal truth.


October Birthstone Jewelry: Opal Necklace. Credits to Rach @ Flickr

October Birthstone Jewelry: Opal has a long history as a gemstone. In different cultures Opal had its purpose. The ancient Greeks thought that opals give their owners the ability of foresight and prophecy, and the Romans saw him as a sign of hope and purity.

In the jewelry business is mainly used precious opal. Precious opal can be the following colors: white, black, pink, blue.

Special love for opals showed Queen Victoria. She and her daughter entered the fashion of wearing opals.


November Birthstone Jewelry: Topaz Ring. Credits to Paul the jewelry artist @ Flickr

November Birthstone Jewelry: Topaz – one of the oldest stones known to mankind. Today, yellow topaz is mainly used in jewelry for making decorative ornaments, but in ancient times as well, and now, this gem is highly prized because of its mystical and healing properties.

Topaz jewelry can be easily treated, so among the many forms and facets, you can always find one that you like.


December Birthstone Jewelry: Turquoise Ring. Credits to Quinn Dombrowski @ Flickr

December Birthstone Jewelry: Turquoise jewelry has long been popular among kings, emperors, warriors, strong people. Preserved many ornaments with this mineral that our ancestors wore. Turquoise placed on the hilt of the sword, were made of her necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry.

Admiring turquoise in the morning improves vision, say the sages ! So proud contemplation donated lover ‘s ring or turquoise rings will not only delight for the soul, but his eyes adjust to the desired mood, relieve fatigue and stress make you the happiest man on earth!

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