November Birthstone Citrine

November Birthstone Citrine – Citrine (yellow crystal) – variety of quartz yellow mineral. The name of this mineral received from Latin citrus – lemon. This natural stone is presented the entire spectrum of yellow, from pale gold to bright orange.

Because of the similarity with topaz, November Birthstone citrine also called false topaz, Brazilian topaz. Madeira Citrine – a rare and surprisingly beautiful variety of natural stone bright orange color, which resembles an orange jelly or honey.

The most unusual is Ametrine (amethyst, citrine) – Stone combines sectors like amethyst and November Birthstone citrine.

Of natural stones used in jewelry, November Birthstone citrine has a strong place, as because of its color perfectly matches with gold. Used to manufacture earrings, necklaces and rings , as in the old days of doing it rings printing.

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Oh, Portugal – a country brave explorers and Cruel conquistadors, orange groves and sincere romance Fado!

Sultry, romantic and gorgeous – who has ever been in your arms at hot summer, he did not forget any waves licking the hot sand or burning eyes eyed charmer with a red flower in her hair.

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Oh no – here we need to find something really worthwhile, something that is part of the alluring world where everything is made of gold like: Sands and endless beaches, and the famous Madeira wine, golden-orange, like a kiss of the sun, forever imprinted in the title of the same name November birthstone, like the frozen breath of joy …


November Birthstone Citrine

November Birthstone Citrine. Credits to Longhairbroad @ Flickr

First, November Birthstone was sincerely considered as topaz – because it bright lemon-yellow or light orange tint so resembled the color of one of the varieties of this mineral, known since ancient times!

Despite the fact that the jewelry with November Birthstone citrine in ancient Rome and ancient Greece wore scientists and philosophers as talismans to ensure recognition and eloquence, self-titled yellow quartz didn’t have itself name.

Only in the mid-18th century, researcher Valerius identified a golden variety of quartz as a separate species – and it was not easy, because topaz and November Birthstone citrine often looks totally indistinguishable, and the difference lies only in hardness, density and weight, which are different from the large value of topaz.

Here was born the term «Madeira citrine» – so called the most rare and beautiful color of this stone, sunny orange, like a thick honey or orange jelly.

However, there are other citrines – lemon-yellow, fully justifying its designation that went from Latin «citreus» – lemon, or orange- brown, like a drop of amber resin. A most unusual kind November Birthstone citrine – amethyst, November Birthstone citrine or ametrine, bicolor polychrome stone, which, like watermelon tourmaline combines amethyst and citrine sectors.


November Birthstone Citrine – yellow variety of quartz.

Mohs Hardness: 7.0

The Density: 2.6 g/cm³, glitter glass, completely transparent.

Other names: yellow topaz, western topaz, Spanish topaz, false topaz, Bohemian topaz, Madeira.


Natural, natural November Birthstone is rare enough. Basically correct form crystals mined in Brazil and Madagascar, there is also a field in the United States, France, Spain, Scotland, Kazakhstan, Russia (Ural).


First of all, astrologers recommend November Birthstone to Gemini, Virgo and Leo. Citrine jewelry contraindicated to Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn. Citrine match the Mercury planet.


Natural November Birthstone is dim, its color is not saturated, so often referred to as topaz stone. Bright natural citrine – a rarity in this connection, the stone juicy color is expensive. Crystal yellow-purple color also belongs to the family citrines and called Ametrine. This expensive stone used in the manufacture of luxury jewelry. Homeland best ametrinom – Bolivia. It is produced here bright crystals.

Alas, in nature yellow shades of transparent quartz are rare – that’s why most of November Birthstone in the Middle Ages was «born» in the form of other species of the same mineral family, and then transformed by craftsmen.

The method that was used in this case , would today be called a heat treatment – the fact that when heated to 300-400 º C smoky quartz and amethyst color change, turning … in citrines, as well as indicators of density and hardness with the transparent quartz are the same, then the result was absolutely similar November Birthstone citrine created in the golden color of Mother Nature.

The most unusual method was invented in Russia, the Urals – where large pieces of quartz baked in pastry, getting fashionable at the court of Catherine II, citrines, and in order to avoid fracture of the crystals were removed ready «bread» only after complete cooling.

For small stones existed another way: they were placed in a clay pot, thickly interspersed with ash and put in preheated oven overnight.

Interestingly, of the brown-brown rauch topaz gave pale yellow crystals bright November Birthstone citrine, amethyst of lavender-dark- orange with a reddish tint.


Even In the Middle Ages it was believed, that November Birthstone ring, worn at night , drives away nightmares and bad thoughts, soothes and provides a quiet night’s sleep.

In India, November Birthstone is an assistant in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Today lithotherapists Recommend November Birthstone citrine for general lifting physical body tone, strengthen memory and increase brain activity.

Headache November Birthstone citrine can also help facilitate the attack, besides the mascot with November Birthstone citrine shows children with speech defects.

Like its «relative» rauchtopaz, November Birthstone citrine is useful for those who want to get rid of drug addiction – but if the first is used in order to stop the use of intoxicating drugs, the latter helps in breaking a period of abstinence and does not give a person back to their previous occupation.


Energetically, November Birthstone – lucky stone and a positive attitude. He contributes to the normalization of relationships and friendships, as well as makes a man eloquent, persuasive and charming.

This is a mascot for politicians, public figures, people employed PR and public relations, that is, all those sort of activity is in constant contact with lots of people – they are most suitable pendant or a pendant with November Birthstone citrine.

Vulnerable and sensitive lemon quartz makes it more practical and rational calculation teaches healthy – it just needs them to gain self-confidence and composure.

November Birthstone Citrine also can benefit businessmen, especially early in the entrepreneurial path, if the project is fraught with excitement and risk – there will ring with a bright orange stone.

November Birthstone Citrine protects his master in travel and business trips than becomes more useful to business people.

November Birthstone Citrine fit to all, who engaged in «hand-made» creative work: jewelers, sculptors, woodcarvers, restorers cutters. In addition, it helps the native magicians, fortune-tellers, illusionists.

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