June Birthstone Pearls

June Birthstone – Among the many Birthstones pearls always stood alone. The most mysterious and beloved of gems, June Birthstone just became the first known human adornment since the dawn of our civilization.

This wonderful stone is unique in the whole and is unique, combining amazing beauty with such non-standard properties.

June Birthstone Pearls – (from the Chinese 珍珠) solid rounded education that were found in the shells of some species of bivalve molluscs.

Prized along with precious stones and is used to make jewelry as inserts, as well as their own (pendants, beads, etc.).

Natural pearl is white, at least – black pearl, pink and gradation. Very rare pearl blue.

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It say that the very first jewelery people started doing out of the June Birthstone.

Long before our era, our ancestors found in the shells of shellfish, these amazing creatures – the pearl. And resist the beauty of natural June Birthstone pearls was impossible.

Of course, the origin of such a beautiful material could be explained only by the legends. For example, the Greeks decided that it tears a sea nymph.

The Slavs were more prosaic, and decided that pearl is the result of reflection of lightning in the eyes of shellfish. According to the Chinese, June Birthstone – the water is frozen in the moonlight.

In 2300 BC on Sumerian clay tablet mentions the so-called «fish eye». It is considered the oldest mention of June Birthstone pearls.

Because this gift of seas is beautiful in its original form, the ancient queen often wore it in the decoration of June Birthstone pearls.

If Semiramis came out for the holidays in seven threads from pink pearls, that Cleopatra was proud of owning an entire box of jewels and while insanely expensive natural June Birthstone pearls.

Up until the 15th century, and white and black pearl was the most beautiful jewelry material. Only then learned to process diamonds, which eclipsed the luster of natural pearls.

By the way, in the Middle Age , it was used more as a home jewel – they are more admired at home than worn in public. In the East, while with June Birthstone rivaled only ruby and emerald.

Also, natural June Birthstone pearls were in vogue during the Renaissance.
In Russia pearl appeared in the descriptions about the tenth century. And in XIII century it into use for decorating expensive clothes, women’s hats, and, of course, vestments of priests.

Subsequently, the material is becoming a favorite gem of the church. This makes sense if you remember that pearl, many associated with the rebirth, birth, and in general is a matter of mystery.

In the women’s monasteries were pearls in a special account . Actually, they were decorated with only heels superiors , but natural June Birthstone pearls went on chasubles, stoles and other apparel for the manufacture of beads is the best suited black pearls. Then arose the name «stone bride of Christ».

Only in the early 20th century, the Japanese have cultivated pearls artificially . At the same time, and to this day it is grown in shellfish in natural waters, so cultured pearls are not inferior to the natural properties.


June Birthstone Pearls

June Birthstone Pearls. Credits to Sonictk @ Flickr

Pearls – a mineral of organic origin, formed by the postponement of mineral matter around a foreign body in the mantle cavity of marine and freshwater molluscs.

Mohs Hardness: from 2.5 to 4.5

The density: 2.7 g/cm³.


June Birthstone Pearls of the Gulf known as the eastern or «oriental». It is the most valuable kind of pearls.

As for the wild, natural pearls, then mined in India pale pink, in the Sea of Japan – light green, in the coastal waters of Ceylon – silver and yellow in Australia – white, in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of the island of Tahiti – the original black pearl.

In the Gulf of California live pearl, creating a pink-red pearl.

Regarding cultured June Birthstone pearls, it being mined primarily in China, India and Japan. Of course, cultured pearls can be any color. If, however, all power is produced mainly white, and much less pink and black pearls.


The color of June Birthstone depends on the initial nucleus, the type of shell and place of production – it varies from creamy white to almost black with a purplish pink hue.

There are pearls of blue, gray, pink, yellow …

Size directly proportional to the age of a pearl: about 12 years out on the birth of a stone the size of a pea, the appearance of ball with a diameter of 8-10 mm is about 40 years.


Today, there are 2 ways of pearling – find shells, June Birthstone pearls at the bottom of the sea or the river was used in ancient times, in the beginning of the XX century in Japan firm Mikimoto pearls began to grow.

Today, most of the views on the world commodity market cultivated on pearl farms in Japan or Australia. Pearl farming has several stages: first – pearl oyster shell 2-3 years grown in freshwater, «manger», then placed inside a «seed» – mother of pearl bead, and leave the sink in salt water a few kilometers from the coast.

Ready- pearl may be of any , even angular shape – it all depends on the shape of the initial «seed». The cultivation period is between one and a half to three years. By the properties of such June Birthstone pearls in no inferior found fishers, with the shape and quality is often superior to natural samples.

It was cultured June Birthstones using the U.S. House of Tiffany, actively combining pearls and diamonds, and Mikimoto, representing the products of large pearls of non-standard colors.


Jewellery, for example, the June Birthstone – it is recommended to wear the girls to give shine and protect your eyes from the pangs of unrequited love.
It is believed that this gemstone removes the heat, inflammation, acute hepatitis. It can also help with epilepsy, fractures and bone disease, eczema, asthma.

Also, the black pearl treats diseases of the liver, kidney, bladder and urinary tract, promotes discharge and resorption of kidney stones.
Pink Pearl will help get rid of melancholy. It is useful to carry it, and the tendency to allergic reactions.

At different times, this mineral is used physicians , making it a part of various recipes. Until now, Japan June Birthstone pearls triturated and as such are sold in pharmacies. In this case, a good half of cultured pearls, which rejected for sale in its original form, is spent on drugs and is sold as a medicine in Asia.

It is believed that the heart pains to keep the mouth gem – it helps to strengthen the heart relieves arrhythmia. In some mysterious way with June Birthstone pearls ancient purified blood, making it light , sparse … though this is more to an mysticism. However, it is possible that with the pearl powder can stop bleeding.

June Birthstone helps in case of poisoning , brain diseases, sexual disorders, increase appetite. Also it is used in the treatment of eye diseases – night blindness, cataracts, and to strengthen the eye muscles and remove excess moisture from his eyes.

If the patient headache due to overexertion eye muscles, the adherents of stone therapy drip in this case the nose pearl solution.

It is logical that, because looking like mother of pearl and teeth, June Birthstone pearls eliminated the bad breath, strengthen and whiten teeth.

Even in the case of classical passage in a hospital, it will cure various chronic diseases.

In India, to enhance immunity in the morning drink the water, which was placed on the night are a few gems.

In ancient China, followers of the religion of Taoism believed pearls one of the main ingredients for the preparation of the elixir of immortality.


June Birthstone Pearls helps clairvoyant gives the owner an opportunity to think objectively, naturally, with no unexpected behavior. It is also believed that pearls gives power only a very self-confident people, and the rest he can be very frustrating. This occurs because the fruit pearls gives clarity of thought, removing plaque and misconceptions embellishment.

June Birthstone Pearls – a stone true believers. Natural pearls are widely used in church utensils, clothing, icons.
For Lovelace, it will not do, because strengthens the loyalty of love.

According to the Indian sages, is a pearl of the most important elements:

Water, Air and Earth, which explains its cooling effect and soothing effect.
For the strong-minded men, black June Birthstone increases vitality and physical strength.

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