June Birthstone Moonstone

June Birthstone Moonstone – Moonstone (Titles adularia, adularia, selenite, fisheye, orthoclase, pearl spar, sanidine) – a kind of potassium feldspar bluish-silver color. Due to fine lamellar structure on its surface are silver-white (lunar) play for, the stone got its name.

Another origin of the name associated with the June Birthstone properties allegedly changed its luster depending on the phase of the moon in the sky.

Title adularia (adularia) is connected with the name of the mountains in Switzerland Adula.

Another name of June Birthstone «selenite», comes from the Greek-Latin «selenites» (moon). Also milky white moonstone, there are also purple, brown, green, orange, black, champagne-colored stones.

Extremely rare moonstones patterned star or «cat’s eye». There are several varieties of June Birthstone moonstone ( aventurine feldspar, labradorite, BELOMOR ), but these only recognize adularia and sanidine – they are extremely rare and are truly wonderful representatives of natural stones.

Along with natural moonstones, in present days also use cheap plastic imitation of June Birthstone.

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«I’ll give you everything you want, though the moon from the sky» – say the lovers all over the world , wanting to prove the strength of their feelings.

Since ancient times, people have dreamed about it – keep, found on Earth frozen moonlight , understand the nature of the lunar mysteries, get a piece of the moon.

Prose of life tells us that in fact the moon – only satellite floating in the vacuum of space, not even a planet at all, and so – big dead ball, shining only by reflected light.

But the Moon has an amazing impact on our lives – and not only in the tides it is expressed , but also in the behavior of plants and animals, changing people’s attitudes , the mysterious events that are somehow inextricably linked to the lunar phases that people started watching since the dawn of time.

And it, certainly, can not be explained rationally, that one of the many gems as clearly responds to the fact that the crescent becomes radiant white medallion pinned to the black velvet sky, and then slims to extinction …


June Birthstone Moonstone

June Birthstone Moonstone. Credits to Amelia @ Flickr

These properties of June Birthstone were seen for a long time – in ancient India, where precious stones exerted the utmost attention and biased.

There are many legends about the June Birthstone moonstone. They say, for example, that on the surface of June Birthstone moonstone appears white spot , and it growing to the extent that increases the brightness of the moon to full moon.

Sages noted, that the period of new moon, stone becomes cold and as if poured moonlight, starting to shine much brighter, and with a decrease of the lunar disk luster fades until the next new moon.

How can a piece of rock so strongly reflect the progress of the lunar month – still unknown, but in India June Birthstone moonstone became a sacred stone that brings happiness.

For unusual iridescent white with a bluish or yellowish tint called it «a slap moon» or «lunar foam» – believed that these stones are frozen tears of the moon goddess, and he has like iridescence and has within itself its own source of radiance, it is always different, changeable, faintly shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

Maybe because it was identified with the art of prediction – Chaldean magicians June Birthstone put under the tongue to see the future, but today occultists recommend for prophetic dreams put a stone under the pillow.

June Birthstone Moonstone was very much like in the old days in the East, in Muslim countries, India, Burma and Ceylon; great Avicenna mentioned it in their recipes as a miracle cure, and Arabic texts beauty girls compared with the radiance of the moon. But in Europe, it has long been «out of fashion», although in the old days it used actively fortune tellers and magicians.


June Birthstone Moonstone – a kind of potassium feldspar.

Mohs hardness: from 6,0 to 6,6

The density: 2.6 g/cm³, silky luster, glass.

Another names: adularia, pearl spar, pearl spar, orthoclase, fisheye.


Basically high quality natural June Birthstone  mined in Sri Lanka, Burma, Mongolia. His other field in Tanzania, Brazil, United States (Virginia, Pennsylvania), India, Australia, Madagascar. In Russia in the White Sea BELOMOR mined.


Astrologers recommend June Birthstone moonstone as a mascot Pisces or Cancer. He is not contraindicated and other zodiac signs, except Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

June Birthstone Moonstone should not be worn on the waning moon – this time he recovers his strength and could become the host for this energy vampire.

Especially favorable June Birthstone moonstone for people born on Monday (The Moon patronizes Monday).


Turning June Birthstone, note mysterious lilt. So adularia effect manifests itself. Some people think that it depends on the phases of the moon.

Sri Lankan June Birthstone has transparency and soft blue hue. Mineral from India flickering waves and gives shade to orange, brown, beige and green tones. Because of its ease and elegance with a moonstone ring is a perfect gift for someone thin, gentle nature.

Mineral is not very hard to cut and requires caution. If June Birthstone moonstone slightly dimmed, it can be sanded or to polish, it will return him to the old paint. The ideal way of handling gem – giving it shape cabochon.

By purchasing a ring with June Birthstone, do not be surprised the price difference. In fact, everything is simple – size, transparence and color affect the value of the mineral. In classical moonstones excellent quality three-dimensional color appears. They are unique, and so are expensive. Gems of Indian origin are more democratic in price.


As a healer June Birthstone powerfully affects the body, for which it is worn so that it touched the bare skin. It facilitates seizures, soothes, relieves outbreak of uncontrolled anger and aggression, normalizes sleep and provides clear and vivid dreams, sleepwalking cures.

June Birthstone Moonstone energy is associated with the element of water and effectively removes toxins from the stones, tumors, seals, «flushes» toxins can alleviate the suffering of the patient, even in the last stages of cancer.

June Birthstone is useful in diseases of the kidneys, liver and biliary tract, jaundice, disorders of the endocrine glands and hormonal imbalance. Stone cleanses the blood and lymph, reduces swelling and inflammation, fevers, improves heart function.


Energetically June Birthstone moonstone, from antiquity is loving mascot. Brooch with June Birthstone, worn at heart, you will attract true love and awaken a response in your soul deep feeling, this is a magnificent stone «therapy» against loneliness.

June Birthstone Moonstone immediately responds to the cooling of feelings: dims change saturation. Special force Moonstone is filled during the full moon – then it spreads around him wave rest, peace, love and tenderness.

It is recommended on the night of the full moon to keep June Birthstone moonstone on the window sill, that he «engorged» lunar rays and restored energy given to the owner. In the days of the first lunar, moonstone can enhance intuition owner until clairvoyance.

For people with rapid, erratic temperament, useful to wear June Birthstone on the left arm – it makes them more tolerant, sociable, calm, protects against failures and useless energy emissions «into the void».

On the right hand such a talisman will be useful to those who lived on the creative path – writers, artists, musicians, designers, he awakens the imagination and gives inspiration, reveals all facets of talent.

In this, June Birthstone is very susceptible to human attention, perfectly recalled if the owner mentally or aloud, talking to him regularly caring or just sometimes silently contemplates the word, not treated as a meaningless trinket.

Rude, insensitive people stone is useless – he develops internal quality only those who initially tends to sophistication, beauty and creativity.

June Birthstone Moonstone are not wear permanent – it can be worn in the period from new moon to full moon, on the waning moon, he becomes a real energy vampire, weakening its owner. Most powerfully he shows his qualities on Mondays.

Worn stone best to wear on the neck or chest, or in the ring on the ring finger, straighten in silver.

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